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Monmouthshire & Varteg Coal

Vipond coal Owner Varteg

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Owen Braces's G Grandad on Left can anyone put names to the others?

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Vipond Wagon after train crash anyone any idear of the date of the crash?


John Vipond was involved in mining in the Varteg area as early as 1840, when he was leasing the Cwm Ffrwd Rock Vein Colliery, to supply the local Ironworks. Later he opened and acquired other mines and levels and by 1848 he was exporting coal from Newport docks, later even owning his own wharf.

John Vipond died in 1865 and in his will he left 3,000 to establish a trust, the annual income of which to provide a pension for workmen over the age of sixty and widows to a maximum of two shillings and sixpence per week.

In 1869 the Vipond and Co's. collection of mines were known collectively as the Victoria Works.

From a list 1896, J. Vipond and Co. owned the Big Vein pit, employing 147 men - New slope, 244 men - Rock pit, 368 men - Rock slope, 290 men and the Varteg Hill No.2 mine pit, 56 men. At this time the Elled pit was suspended.

By 1908 there were 824 men employed at Varteg Hill, Top Pits, New Slope and Rock and in 1918 the workforce at these collieries numbered 851.

From a report 1923 there were 946 men working at these mines, producing Coal, Ironstone and Clay from the Big Vein, Rock Vein, Meadow Vein, Old Coal, Yard and Three Quarters seams. Also at this time the Red Ash level was in production employing 24 men.

Later this Company took over the running of Deakin's and No.10 slopes and in 1938 was employing 372 men, while at their other mines the workforce numbered only 189. By 1945 the total workforce was 692.

The Red Ash colliery was closed by the National Coal Board in September 1957.

I think this John Vipond came to South Wales from Gospel oak, Sedgeley Staffordshire. 1851 and 1861 Census Born 1807 See Email below.

Being from Monmouthshire, I am not certain of the geography of Staffordshire,
and ask your help in the location of Parish Records of SEDGLEY.

The person I am seeking is the family of JOHN VIPOND, Colliery Proprieter of
Varteg, Monmouthshire. His parents were, JOSHUA and LEAH VIPOND of Gospel
House, Sedgley, Staffordshire.
John Vipond settled in Monmouthshire in the 1840-50's. From what I have
gathered, he worked his way up from humble beginings, to a millionaire in the
space of just 20 years. He married MARTHA DEAKIN and sadly there were no
siblings. John Vipond died in 1865 aged 59 at Cwmavon House, Varteg, nr
Pontypool, Monmouthshire.

I would like to know, where the records for Sedgley are kept, and if there is
a contact address for anyone in the Staffordshire Family History Society, who
would have information regarding this family.

Waiting in hope,

Kind regards,

Warren William Lewis ( Friends of Gwent Record Office )

Joshua Vipond Married Leah Fisher 13 May 1805 St Thomas's Dudly Worchester. [IGI]

Some Vipond's migrated to Blaenavon from Llanfar ar y Bryn in about 1820. How closely they were related to the Staffordshire Vipond's is not known.
Birth Marrages and Deaths

Vipond Births Marriages and Deaths




Thomas Son  of Nicholas Vipond & Mary 19 April 1801.




Ann Da of Nicholas Vipond & Mary 19 Oct 1806.


Mary Ann Da of Nicholas Vipond 7 Mary 28 May 1809.


Mary Ann Da of Nicholas Vipond & Mary 9 June 1811.


Marther Da of Nicholas Vipond & Mary      1813


Thomas Son of Nicholas Vipond & Mary 21 Sept 1817.


Jane Da of Nicholas Vipond & Mary 1 April 1821.


David Son of Samuel Vipond & Mary Sept 11 1831.  [Went to USA.]


Ann Ann Da of Samuel Vipond & Mary March 2 1834.


Elizabeth Da of Samuel Vipond & Mary June 21 1837.


Joseph & Samuel Twins Sons of David & Rebecca Nov 24 1840

Samuel died David & Rebecca & Joseph went to USA before 1850.




Joseph Vipond & Mary Davies Married 1823 Dec 13 Llanover. St Peters.


Thomas Griffiths Widow Haulier married Ann Vipond of Lanwenarth Sept 13 1829.


Samuel Vipond & Mary Davies Married 15 May 1831 Blaenavon.


John Vipond & Mary Ann Mansell Married  19 Aug 1833 at St Cadocks.


John Dando Full age Miner & Jane Vipond Minor [17] June 30 1838 Llanwenarth.


Thomas Vipond [Father Nicholas] Married Elizabeth Lewis July 21 1845 Treventhin.





Mary Vipond Sept 7 1824 Two Weeks.

Thomas Vipond Jan 25 1826 age 17 months.

Nicholas Vipond Aug 27 1828 Age 63.

John Vipond July 24 1830 [or 1834?]Age 1 year.

Ann Vipond da of Samuel & Mary Nov 14 1837.

Samuel Vipond June 24 1837 age 34.

Elizabeth Vipond Jan 29 1839 Age 7 months.

Henry Vipond Aug 4 1840 age 1 month.

Samuel Vipond 140 one of twins.

Mary Vipond Jan 12 1857 Age 89.

Joseph Vipond March 15 1858 age 1 year.

Martha Vipond Dec 3 1864  Age 5.

All above buried St Peters Blaenavon.


John Vipond Coal Owner Dec 19th 1865 Age 59.

Marther his wife Sept 28 1874 age 63.

Joshua Vipond his father Feb 28 1839 age 62.

Leah Joshua’s wife July 27 1851 age 66.

All Buried at Varteg Methodist Chapel.






1861 Census.


Thomas Vipopnd Age 38 Coal Miner Blaenavon.

Elizabeth Wife Age 30.

Mary Dau Age 15.

Sarah Dau Age 14.

Elizabeth Dau Age 11

Nicholas son Age 10 [Went to USA]

John Son age 7  [Went to USA]

Martha Dau age 1.


Also John Vipond Head Age 54 Coalmerchant employing 40 born Sedgely Staffs.

Marther [Deakin] Wife age 49. Cwmavon House Nr Blaenavon.


1841 Census

David Vipond  age 25 born in County.

Rebecca Age 25  Born in County

Joseph Son age 6 Months


Mary Vipond [Widow of Samuel] age 30 Born in County.

David Age 9 Born in County .

Living with David & Rebecca.






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