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Family Tree of William Thomas [Vipond] & Elizabeth Roberts

Pic Kindly Supplied by Mrs Jones Llanwrtyd Wells
William Thomas Born1848 Grandson of William Thomas [Vipond]


This is the Marriage Certificate of William Thomas. He married for the second time Nov 30th 1838. He married first Elizabeth Roberts in 1815, he used the surname Thomas, but note this cert gives his fathers name as Thomas Vipond. Evedence of a Vipond changing his surname to Thomas.
William Thomas Vipond was born Llanfair ar y Bryn 1790, father Thomas Vipond mother Mary. William changed his surname to Thomas and married Elizabeth Roberts in 1815, had ten Children five sons who produced 20 grandchildren, five William Thomas,s born 1840,1848,1854,1854 and 1861 where are their decendents now???



Above is further evidence of Vipond's changing their name to Thomas. John & Hanner Vipond in the 1851 census appear to have children Ann, David, Rachel and Samuel with the surname Thomas. In the 1841 Census they are all Vippond with another son Thomas, but the father is missing. In 1861 Hanner the Mother,  Rachel and Samuel are all with the surname Thomas, John Vipond is not there. Samuel's Birth Certificate showes him born 13th January 1849 as Vipond I am sure it is the same Samuel as shown in the 1851 census above and in the 1861 census as Samuel Thomas. Note, Hanner Vipond's maiden name is Thomas.
Below are other Viponds from Carmarthenshire

The Oldest record I have for Viponds in Carmarthenshire is in the Parish Records at Llanfair ar y bryn.

*  not from Parish Records.


Burials         Joseph         1754            No age given.     

Lucia           1757            No Age given

Mary           1757            No Age Given.

                   Ann             1773            Age 70         Born 1703

Joseph         1774            Age 79         Born 1695.

Ann             1777            Age  7         Born 1770

John            1778            Age  2         Born 1776

John              1781            Age 27         Born 1754

Margaret       1782   Inft Da John and Ann

Thomas       1782            Age 81         Born 1701

Jane              1797             Age 75        Born  1722

Joseph         1803            Age 70         Born 1733

Averina        1811            Age 82         Born 1729

Thomas       1817            Age 52         Born 1765

Thomas        1819             Age 7

Joseph          1820             Age 11

Mary            1838            Age 20




                   Thomas Vipond & Lucy                     1754

                   Richard Jones & Hanna Vipond                   1756

                   John Thomas & Mary Vipond            1756

                   Rees Powell & Ester   Vipond            1763

                   James Williams & Hanner Vipond       1771

                   Thomas Morgan & Lucy Vipond        1771

                   Isaac Vipond & Elizabeth Roberts      1771

                   John Vipond & Ann Pritchard.            1776

                     Thomas harris & Alice                         1782

                      Rees Lewis & Margaret                       1783

                   Richard Vipond & Mary Edward        1786

                     Thomas Vipond & Ann Thomas          1789

                   Thomas Vipond & Ann Thomas         1795

                   David Davies & Mary Vipond             1814

Cilycwm Christenings.

                     Jane   da Joseph Vipon by his wife 1771

                     Joseph Son of Issac Vipond by his wife. 1774

                     Abigail da Joseph Vipond     1775

                     Elizabeth da John Vipond     1777

                     Thomas son of Richard Vipond by Mary 1786

                Joseph Son of Thomas Vipond and Ann                1805

                Elizabeth Da Thomas Vipond and Elizabeth          1809

                Thomas Son Thomas Vipond and Ann                   1812



Stray Marriages


Also Pile & Kenfig Edward Evan & Lucristia Vipond*  1766

                            Edward Howell & Abigail Vipond*    1778

         Glamorgan   Thomas Vipond & Mary Harrding       1765

                              William Davies & Dorithy Vipond*    1781

                              John Vipond and Charlott Edwards     1788



          Anglesey   Hanner Vipond & Thomas Owen*.      1800

                           Mary Vipond & David Davies *          1814





                   Abigail   Born  1755                 Thomas & Lucy.

                   Dorothy  Born 1756                  Thomas & Lucy.

                   John         Born 1758                John & Dorothy.

                   Nicholas Born Aug 1768           Joseph & ?

                   Thomas  Born  Jan   1769         Joseph & Marina

                   Margaret         1780                   John & Ann

                   William           1790                   Thomas & Mary.

                   Samuel           1803                   Thomas & Ann


From 1841 Census Thomas Vipan   Age       55 Ag lab

          Pentwyn      Mary Vipan                      50

                             John  Vipan                    20

                             Isaac  Vipan                    15

                             Daniel Vipan                   11

                             Margaret Vipan               14

                             Margaret Vipan                 4


Dugoedydd             Hanner Vippond                     37

                             Thomas Vippond            14

                             Mary Vippond                12

                             Ann   Vippond                8

                             David Vippond                1


From 1851 Census

                             John Vipond   Born 1799 Age 52

                             Hanner Vipond Born 1804 Age 47

                             Ann Thomas Born 1833     Age 24

                             David Thomas Born 1841   Age 10

                             Rachel Thomas Born 1844 Age   7

                             Samuel Thomas Born 1849 Age   2


It would appear that in 1841 above John Vipond was away from home the children have “Lost” Vipond and become Thomas Hanner in 1861 the Mother has also lost the Vipond. Further resurch in BMD after 1837 will have to be done. It will reveal further Viponds I am sure.


I have not yet looked at non conformist in the area some are completely missing. Vipond disappears in the area as a Surname by the 1871 census.

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Nant y Glo Gr Ref SN 778447 8 miles North Llandovery


Thomas Vipond Died 1782 Llanfair Ar Y Bryn aged 81 Born 1701. His address is given in the Parish Registers as Nant Y Glo which is pictured above.
This is a small farm half a mile from the lead Mine Nant Y Mwyn. Many of the Viponds were miners and lived in the area untill about 1850.