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Viponds are we all related?

Are all Viponds descended from William Vipont in about 1160? Well probably not for as we all know we are only sure of who our mother is. Some Viponds may be descended from the female line others may have been adopted and some believe that when surnames became compulsory, many took the name of the Lord whose estate they were working on. However I believe that most with the Vipond name and its variants will be related. If you consider that the Name originated in France on or about 1066 as Vieuxpont and that in the 1861 England & Wales census there are only about 350 Vipond’s and only about 60 of them head’s of households then I do not believe that too many adopted the surname. Yes I am aware that there are some in America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and a few in other countries but that only represents about 100 families after 600 years!!!!


I have had my dna tested and at present only have one perfect match with a family see email below.


I've never had a match before!!!!

Are you talking about the Y dna test (male line)?  My brother took the test to show the male line, we are Feltners,  I live in London, Kentucky (eastern KY).  If you look on a map it is 42 miles north of the Tennessee border on interstate I 75.   My brother lives in San Antonio, Texas.

Our genealogy shows that the Voelkners/several spellings came from Austria to Prussia for a generation, then on to America around 1750.  The Voelkner name evolved to Feltner as they migrated into eastern KY around 1808 (would have to look that up to be sure.)

So nice meeting you!


Penny Feltner Ferguson


However it is probable that this match would lead to a common ancestor before Surnames were introduced. If you consider that the Normans were of Viking decent, Norwegian or Danes or even mercenaries and moved to France about 910 AD this is not such a surprising match. I hope this interests some of you Viponds  to start a Vipond DNA  Project.



Surname and Geographical Based Projects

You can order a test and join a Surname Project that researches individuals that have the same surname or a variant. This way you will find if and how you could be related.

There are two ways to find surname studies that Family Tree DNA has assisted:

a) You may search the surnames associated with the surname or geographical projects by using the form at the right, or

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Many people have asked about using Family Tree DNA’s services as a tool for Surname and Geographical projects.

We perform this service all the time and have established a protocol that allows us to transfer the routine data management tasks to you and, thereby, reduce the cost of the testing.

You may either join a project in progress, or start a new one. To start a new project, follow the instructions below.

Here are the elements necessary to start a project:

We understand that there are situations when a project could and should be started with any number of members, and we are flexible to accommodate those situations. You are welcome to e-mail us with your questions about starting a Project with any number of participants.

Choose a Group Administrator who will handle the data management of your Project. The Group Administrator will be Family Tree DNA's direct link to your project.

The Group Administrator will have access to a secure page where your project's status is updated daily. Family Tree DNA will distribute legal release forms allowing for the sharing of the test results with the Group Administrator. Test kits and payments may be submitted individually or as a group to FTDNA for processing.

Test results will be returned to the Group Administrator as they are received by the office. Each participant will also receive a certificate and report containing their personal test results. The staff of FTDNA will help you interpret the meaning of your test results.

FTDNA will consult with you on the minimum number of test takers you will need to reconstruct your family tree depending upon how many branches of your family will participate in the project.

To receive more information about how to start your own Surname project or a Geographical based Project, please e-mail to DNA Projects.

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