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An interesting Early History of Vieuxpont From Pat Patterson's web page.

Folow the link at the bottom of Pat's page to Michael Linton's web page follow 1066 for more on Vipont

The Origin of the Name Vieuxpont.
See French connection at bottom of page. Have a look at Brougham and Brough Castles.

Vieuxpont Coat of Arms

There is much info on the web about Vieuxpont's up to about 1450 but very little in the following 200 years. Vipond’s from about 1650 on the IGI, Parish and other records and much on the earlier .

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Pedigree of the Family Veteripont. I think it is from the History of Northumberland

This is a transcript of the above Pedigree, others I have seen start with William Vieuxpont born in 1050 also others have Viponds that are excluded from this list, I am sure as time goes by more will turn up like the Bishop of Carlisle, Thomas de Vipont 1255, who died one month after becoming Bishop. Who was he? Who was his father?



·        1st. Gen Robert Veteripont, In 1073 was sent into Normandy against Fulco, Count of Anjou. He was slain by rebels in Maine1085.


·        2nd Gen Robert in 8 Hen 1, was in the holy land, and was at the raising of the siege of Antioc in 1107.


·        3rd Gen William in 3 Stephen was at the battle of Northallerton, and 5 Stephen he was plaintiff touching lands in Devonshire. He was Lord of Veteripont in Normandy Living 2 in Henery 11


·        4th Gen William de Veteriponte to whome William the Lion King of Scotland, gave the manors of Alrington, Aldeneston and Kirkdale, Co Cumberland, and diverse lands in Tindale, Co Northumberland. He was Lord of Veteripont in Normandy. Went into the Holy Land, and died on his march towards Jerusalem, in the time of King Henery 11.


·        5th Gen Ivo to whom William the Lion, king of the Scots, after the death of William the said father of Ivo , confirmed the manors of Aldeneston, alrington, and Kirkdale, and all the lands in Tindale which was futher confirmed by the charter of King John. He was also seised of lands in Blencarn, Amsliplith, and Wavertonin right of his wife, 11 Henery 111.

Also brother Robert, who became Lord of Westmorland, and Hugh.


·        6th Gen Laurence De Veteripont son and heir, living tempHen 111; seized of the Manor of Aldenston,etc


·        7th Gen Robert De Veteripont, in 7 Ed 1, was summoned to answer to the king by what warranty he held the manor of Aldenestone, co Cumberland, which the King claimed as a demise of the Crown. Acknowledged the manor of Meaburnewald to the right  of Richard le Fraunceys by deed dated at Wynandersworth on Wednesday next after the feast of Assumption of the Virgin Mary, 16 Edward 1.

Also Brothers, William and Alan,


·        8th Gen Nicholas de Veteripont seised of Lands, etc in Aldeneston, Gerardgill, Amoteshall and Corbrigg, counties of Cumberland and Westmoreland: Ob 8Edward 11, Seiseised of the manor of Jouby.

·        Also Brother William


·        9th Gen Robert De Veteripont, son and heir under age at his fathers death. Alston estates pass to William Stapleton then to William Hilton who’s family held it until it was sold to Sir Edward Radcliff for £ 2,500 1629. On the 24 February 1716 Sir James Radcliff, 3rd Earl of Derwentwater, was beheaded at the age of 27 for his part in the Jacobite uprising of 1715. As part of his Est Alston Moor was forfeited to the Crown.


·        Back to the Baronary of Westmorland.


·        5th Gen Robert Brother of Ivo. 4, king John had a grant of the Castles of  Appleby and Burg, with the bailwick of Westmoreland. In John 5 he had the custody of Windsor Castle, and the castle of Bowes Co York etc Ob 12 Henery 111, owing the King £1997 11s and 6d.


·        6th Gen John De Veteripont was summoned, 17 Henery 111, to answer the King by what warranty he held the manor of Bowes, in which he could not have had entry but by Robert his father, who had held the said manor as bailifffor King John. He was Lord of Milburne Merton, Appleby, Burgh, and Kirkbutefane, of the forest of Carrek and lands in mullerstang, Co Westmoreland. Ob 1241.


·        7th Gen Robert De Veteripont against whom 40 Henry 111, Beatrix Travers claimed  common pasture in Cabergh, of Which John De Veteripont his father had unjustly disseciesd her; and in the same year Alan de Caberge  claimed against him in respect to certain concord made between Hugh de Caberage, the plaintiff’s father and John De Veteripont, father of the said Robert, touching common of pasture in Cabergh. He died of his wounds received at the battle of Lewis against the King 1261.


·        8th Gen Idonea aged 7 years at her fathers death married Roger de Leybourn no issue, and Isabella who was 10 at her fathers dearth Married Roger de Clifford who became Earls of Cumberland and held the Vieuxpont estates until the death of Lady Ann Clifford in 1675.




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Not sure if this is the same family but it would seem to suggest the end of the Vieuxpont's in France.

René-François de La Noüe, second son of Jacques and of Catherine de Vieuxpont, born in 1684, was Captain of Dragons in the Queen's Regiment and, in 1728, at the death of his first cousin, the Marquis of Vieuxpont, last of this illustrious House, he joined to his name and arms, those of Vieuxpont. In 1713, he entered into an alliance with Marie-Madeleine de Fiennes-le-Carlier, Lady of Picardy:

Gabriel-François, Count of La Noüe-Vieuxpont, born in 1714 and deceased in 1779.  He was an infantry Colonel and Knight of Saint-Louis, Plenipotentiary Minister, General-Major and Chamberlain of the Elector of Cologne. He never married;

Guillaume-Alexandre, Vicar-General of Meaux and Supreme Abbot of St-Séverin;

Jean-Marie, Knight of Saint-Louis and Colonel of a Regiment, without posterity;

Le Chevalier de La Noüe, Captain in the Cavalry Regiment of Marcieu, killed in the battle of Minden in 1759;

Stanislas-Louis, Lieutenant-Colonel in the Infantry, Commandant of the Volunteers of the Army of the Marshal de Broglie.  He was the author of the Nouvelles Constitutions Militaires, and was killed in 1760, in a combat in Westphalia.

And two daughters.

End of the Branch of the Counts de La Noüe - Vieuxpont

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