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Viponds in Cardiganshire

Signature of Thomas Vipond on Lease of Lead Mine1753

Above is the earliest evidence I have found of Viponds in Cardiganshire. It is part of a Lease dated February 1753 of a Lead Mine called Pen-y-wern-hir leased from Rt Hon Wilmot, Lord Vicount of Lisbourn.  Rent is 13shillings per ton for lead or raised before 13 October 1754 and 20shillings a ton thereafter. The Mine is half a mile North of the Village of Pontrhydfendigaid.


Leased to David Hopkins Edward Parry James Wragg, Joseph Vipond the elder, George Clay, Joseph Lloyd, Thomas Vipond, William Frost, and Joseph Vipond the younger. Gents.

The two Joseph Viponds could not write as they made their “Mark” Thomas Vipond as shown in the picture above signed his name with a well educated hand.

The Next entry I have in Cardiganshire is from the Parish Registers of Strata Florida Parish Church which is half a mile from Pontreydfendigad.




                             26th March 1754 John Voipon Son of Joseph.


                             21st  October 1758 Elizabeth Voipon daughter of Joseph.


This could be either of the Josephs mentioned in the above lease but probably the younger.  [or neither of them!!] I have not found any other Vipond entrys in the Cardiganshire registers, however they may well be there. Two Joseph deaths are in Carmarthenshire records, Joseph 1754 no age given and one in 1774 aged 79. An Averina Vipond was buried in Carmarthenshire in 1811, if she was Joseph’s wife, mother of the above Elizabeth and John, she would have been 25 in 1754. Averina is very much a Cardiganshire name I presume that she was born in Wales and Married a Vipond.  I suspect that these Cardiganshire Viponds and the Carmarthenshire Viponds are the same, as I can find no other records other than Morgan Jones will in 1763 in Cardiganshire at the moment.          

Will of Morgan Jones Thomas Vipond's Father in Law.

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Below is a text of Morgans will. Translated by yr achwr who is on the Dyfed List hugely appreciated by me. It sounds as if Thomas Vipond may of had a interestin reputation!!!!! and is only left a shilling in the will!!!!!!!!!

The NLW ref for the will is SD/1763/60  W  or 5D/1763/60  W

Will of Morgan Jones, Gwnnws dated 5th April 1763


In the Name of God Amen. The 5th Day of April (One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Three) and in the Third year of the Reign of our Soverign Lord George by the Grace of God of Great Brittain, France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and so forth.


I Morgan Jones of the parish of Gwnnws in the County of Cardigan Gent. Being sick and weak of body, but of sound and perfect memory (praised be god for the same) knowing the uncertainty of this Life on Earth and desirous to Settle Things in Order. Do Make this my last Will and Testament in Manner and Form following.

First and principally I command my Soul to Almighty God my Creator and Redeemer, and my Body to the Earth from whence it was taken, to be buried in such decent and Christian manner as to my Executor hereafter named shall think meet and convenient. And as touching such Worldly  Estate as the Lord in Mercy hath lent me; My Will and Meaning is that the same shall be Employed and Bestowed as hereafter by this my Will is expressed. And first I do revoke, renounce and frustrate all Wills by me formally made, and do declare and appoint this my last Will and Testament. .


Item I give and bequeath to my dear and loving wife my best Mare and best Cow with two fat weathers Every year during her Life time, with the Third part of the Tythes I hold in Llanbadarn y Creuddyn during my agreement for the same, and after the Expiration of the said Tithes I give her two Pounds a year and every year during the Term of her natural life.


All my household stuff I equally divide between my Wife and my Grand Child Luce Vipond excepting the Silver Pint and Bakear which I give to my son Edward.


All the household stuff once intended for my daughter Jane I give and bequeath the same to Averina Richard her daughter and my granddaughter together with the sheep which are called her mothers sheep.


I give to Mary the wife of Thomas Vipond and her daughter Luce that tenement of land with its appurtenances called Tyd(d)yn y Clond in Ysgubor y Coed  to be equally shared between them and the said Thomas Vipond shall not meddle nor lay any Claims or Demand to the Legacy of his said wife Mary Vipond either with her Consent, or without her Consent. And after the decease of the said Mary Vipond the same shall descend to her daughter Luce Vipond and her Heirs Lawfully begotten, and for want of lawful heirs to the said Luce then to the Lawful Heirs of Mary Vipond her sister. And for want of Lawful Heirs to the said Mary Vipond, then the same shall descend to my son Edward Jones and his Heirs for ever.


And I do give to the said Mary Daughter of the said Thomas Vipond the sum of Five pounds. And to her brother John the son of Thomas Vipond I give the like sum of Five pounds and two topstones of best wool I give to Mary the wife of Thomas Vipond every year during her life time.


I give to Thomas Richards my Son in Law and Jane his Wife the sum of one shilling apiece.


Item I give and bequeath to my granddaughter Averina Richards two tenements in Ysgubor y Coed, called Tyd(d)yn y Garth and Pwllidris with their appurtenances to her and he Heirs lawfully begotten, and for want of Lawful issue to the said Averina then to her brothers and sisters if happen to be any, and to their Heirs lawfully begotten, and for want of lawfull Heirs to said above mentioned, then to Edward Jones and his Heirs lawfully begotten for ever.


Item I give and bequeath to my grandson John son of Edward Jones two tenements  called Gwern y Berw and Ty’n y Pwll he paying the mortgage due thereon.


Item I give to Thomas Vipond the sum of one shilling.


I give one Teal of Pilcorn, Aberystwyth Measure among such poor people living about Pen Pompren Mawr such as my Executor shall Judge proper Objects of it.


I give six Pounds yearly during his natural life to Evan David.


All the Rest, Remainder and Residue of my Estate, not hereby specifically given my Goods and Chattels I give to my Son Edward Jones, whom I make and Constitute sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament he paying and discharging all Debts, Dues, Legacies and funeral Expenses Whatsoever. In witness whereof I have set my hand and seal the Day and year before Written.

Signed, Sealed, Declared and Published by the                    

Said Morgan Jones for and as his last Will and                                     Morgan Jones

Testament in the presence of


John Jones

John Jones

William Hughes, N.P. Clerk.



Probate Granted to Executor Edward Jones 13th September 1763


William Hughes, N.P.

Averina Jones died 1774 and Jane Richard died 1771

This is I am reasonably certain the Grave Stone of Averina Jones wife of Morgan Jones who's will is above. Also of her Daughter Jane Richard, also mentioned in the will. It is in the Chapel of Eglwys Newydd [Hafod Church].  In a lease dated 1742  from the Crosswood papers 2, Morgan Jones's wife is mentioned as Averina and their eldest son is Edward Jones. They are then living at Pwllpeiran.

The John Vipond mentioned in the Will is the only John Vipond that I have found in Wales that has a father Thomas Vipond. I believe that it is this John Vipond who changed his name to John Thomas, this is continued in the about me page.