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Vipond History Click on the Links Above.

Seal of Henry de Vipont Homage to Edward 1 1296. SEE SCOTLAND Page

Translation of Robert de Vieuxpont's Account for working for King John 1203. SEE Robert above.



I hope to start a Vipond DNA project soon, have a look at the Graves and Sykes web site see links above, so you can see how we can connect up Vipond familys from all over the world. Any Viponds who wish to help please contact me. david.tyddu@btconnect.com see DNA link above.
I believe that most with the Vipond name and its variants will be related. These are the spellings of the name I have found so far: Vieuxpont, Veteripont Vezpont, Veepon, Vexpont, Vipont, Vypont, Vispont, Vypunt, Vespont, Vipond, Vypond, Voypond, Veepond, Vippond, Vipon, Vipan, Vipen, If you consider that the Name originated in France on or about 1066 as Vieuxpont and that in the 1851 England & Wales census there are only about 279 Vipond’s and only about 67 of them head’s of households 1 Vipont Family and 30 Vipan's with 7 Heads of households, then I do not believe that too many adopted the surname. Yes I am aware that there are some in America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and a few in other countries but that only represents about 100 families after 600 years!!!!  Edit Text


Garigill with part of Alston Moor in the background

This site will be run by me in my Spare time and will I am sure contain statements that are opinion and not fact. I will look forward to interaction on this site to make its content as accurate as the information available. The intention is for this site to belong to anyone who is descended from William Vieuxpont who came from Normandy in 1066, or has a connection to that name.

I have been interested in the name Vipond since my father told me that an ancestor in 1787 had changed his name from Vipond to Thomas and that the Viponds in Cardiganshire had fled Scotland after the Jacobite uprising. This site is about my personal quest started 30 years ago to PROVE the family story and connect all those interested in the name Vipond. Above is a picture of Garrigill where many Viponds lived up untill the early 1900's, they would have felt at home in the mountains of Cardiganshire.

Garigill Church

Garrigill Main Street

I look forward to comments and help with this site.